Case Medical Announces Latest 510k for Hydrogen Peroxide Sterilization


Case Medical announce its latest 510k for hydrogen peroxide sterilization.  Case Medical’s SteriTite® container system and MediTray® products are compatible with TSO3 Inc’s STERIZONE® VP4 sterilization system (distributed by Getinge).

The SteriTite® container system has previously been cleared for all current sterilization modalities including V-PRO hydrogen peroxide sterilizers, STERRAD hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilizers, gravity displacement, pre-vacuum steam and ETO sterilization. The SteriTite® universal container system consists of a family of rigid reusable containers and inserts that provide effective reusable sterilization packaging for operating room instruments and surgical devices.

“We pride ourselves on having the first and only universal sterilization container system on the market designed to eliminate duplicate inventory and significantly reduce costs for medical device reprocessing.” states Marcia Frieze, CEO. “Our containers are crafted from high quality aircraft grade aluminum, designed for durability and anodized to prevent corrosion. The anodization allows the containers to be properly cleaned, rinsed and dried, after each use.”

The SteriTite® container for use in STERIZONE® VP4 is uniquely available in either solid or perforated base. Each  SteriTite® container, whether for steam or low-temperature, contains an offset vent pattern to secure a disposable filter for bacterial barrier filtration and to avoid compromising the contents.  Various instrument trays as well as stacked baskets and inserts including insert boxes, brackets, posts, partitions and racks provide the ultimate in instrument protection and secure devices for sterilization, transport and storage within the container.

In addition to the sterilization container line, Case Medical, Inc. manufacturers a line of case carts, asset management software and environmentally-preferred instrument chemistries and cleaning solutions. Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a Safer Choice Partner of the Year, Case Medical, Inc. designs products that are safer, cost effective, and sustainable.  The use of safer chemicals, more durable containers, validated products, and a high level of customization increases the useful life of medical instruments, minimizes costly delays, and reduces waste.

Source: Case Medical

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