CDC Offers New Infection Prevention Tools to Promote Dialysis Safety

Patients who undergo hemodialysis have an increased risk of getting a healthcare-associated infection (HAI). To prevent HAIs, hemodialysis healthcare workers should understand and follow the basics of infection control as a routine part of their practice. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new infection prevention tools on injectable medication preparation and administration intended specifically for hemodialysis centers. These new tools expand the set of existing audit tools and checklists to help outpatient hemodialysis healthcare workers adhere to CDC-recommended practices. The CDC also recently added tools on dialysis station routine disinfection.

Available prevention tools include:
• Hemodialysis Injection Safety: Medication Preparation and Administration Audit Tool/Checklist
• Hemodialysis Station Routine Disinfection Audit Tool, Checklist, and Notes for Clinical Managers
• Hemodialysis Hand Hygiene Audit Tool
• Hemodialysis Catheter Connection, Disconnection, and Exit Site Care Audit Tool and Checklists
• Arteriovenous Fistula & Graft Cannulation and Decannulation Audit Tool/Checklists

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