Chicago Faucets Offers New Angle Stops Designed for the Healthcare Industry

A new supply stop from Chicago Faucets, model 1017-CSTABCP, is a reliable and serviceable device that helps prevent cross-flow in healthcare sink applications. The angle stop includes an integral check stop that prevents bacteria-laden water from flowing back from the mixing valve and contaminating the rest of the system.

"Our angle stop is built to withstand high water temperatures used in thermal disinfection. It comes with industry-leading warranties and provides durability and a total lead content that meets local and national low-lead requirements," says John Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing for Chicago Faucets. The angle stop is part of Chicago Faucets' concentrated effort to help hospitals and medical centers reduce the spread of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

The 1017-CSTABCP addresses a major concern with handwashing sinks in healthcare applications. ASSE 1070 thermostatic mixing valves are required at most handwashing sinks to help prevent scalding. A check valve in the mixing valve may become obstructed by dirt or debris, creating the possibility of cross flow, which is difficult to isolate and eliminate. The 1017-CSTABCP prevents dangerous bacteria from migrating out of the hot supply into the cold and back into the plumbing system.

The Chicago Faucet Company is part of the Geberit Group, a European market leader and global provider of sanitary technology.

Source: Chicago Faucet Company