Chinese Fish Sauce May Cause Esophageal Cancer

NEW YORK - A new study in the International Journal of Cancer reports a fermented fish sauce popular in China and the Philippines may cause esophageal cancer.

Researchers examined 1,200 people with esophageal cancer, and a matching group without the illness, from the same region of China. They compared those who eat the fermented fish sauce to those who do not. They discovered esophageal cancer is 16 times more prevalent in those who eat the sauce daily.

The sauce is called yulu in China and harm ha in the Philippines.

While the scientists did not understand the link between the sauce and the disease, they think the food may have a roll in the high incidence of esophageal cancer in Chaoshan and Guangdong provinces of China. The sauce may also cause an increased risk of developing stomach cancer and thyroid cancer.

The rate of cancer was significantly increased in patients who were also smokers.

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