Clinical Advantages of Disposable Microfiber Mops

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Can the type of microfiber product (disposable vs. re-laundered) make a difference?

Since 2015, Contec<sup>®</sup> has been conducting studies examining concerns with using relaundered microfiber products and how those concerns can be addressed by utilizing disposable products. Here is a summary of the studies’ resulting white paper:

  • Laundry processes can cause irreversible damage to microfiber structures that are essential for cleaning.

  • Retention and accumulation of microbes and debris can occur during repeated use leading to deactivation of disinfectants and increased risk of cross-contamination.

  • The combination of damaged microfiber and contaminated textiles may lead to poor outcomes after cleaning with laundered mops as seen in ATP score results.

  • A viable alternate is to use disposable microfiber cleaning products for improved cleaning outcomes including less risk of cross-contamination.

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