Clorox Company Introduces New Hand-Sanitizing Spray


OAKLAND, Calif. -- For decades, The Clorox Company has helped consumers and industry professionals keep their homes and businesses cleaner and healthier through laundry sanitizing and surface disinfecting. Today, Cloroxs Professional Products Division extends the Clorox brands health and wellness efforts beyond surfaces to hand hygiene with the launch of Clorox Anywhere Hand Sanitizing Spray, representing the companys first entry into the personal care category. 

The new bleach-free, alcohol-based spray is formulated to kill 99.999 percent of germs on contact and does not dry out hands or leave a sticky, greasy residue. Available in an easy-to-use spray, this delivery mechanism also helps target places in the hand that can often be missed by traditional sanitizers, such as fingernails, knuckles and spaces between fingers.

Cloroxs entry into the professional hand hygiene category exemplifies our commitment to a cleaner and healthier world, said Craig Stevenson, vice president of Clorox Professional Products. Clorox Anywhere Hand Sanitizing Spray expands the Clorox portfolio to include both hand and surface solutions that help create a healthier environment, reinforcing Cloroxs nearly 100-year legacy as a leading producer of sanitizing products.   

Effective hand hygiene is critical to infection control, not only for doctors and nurses in hospitals and healthcare offices, but for employees of restaurants, hotels, child care centers and cruise ships.

As important as hand hygiene is for all of us, the importance for professionalswho have daily contact with large numbers of peoplecouldnt be more critical, said Stevenson. In developing Clorox Anywhere Hand Sanitizing Spray, we wanted to provide a hand sanitizer for the professional sector to help meet the infection control needs of institutions that directly serve consumers.

The new hand sanitizer will be available for sale to healthcare professionals (hospitals; acute and long-term care facilities; medical, dental and veterinary offices), travel/food industry professionals (restaurants, cruise ships, hotels, airlines), education professionals (child care centers and schools), and fitness professionals (gyms and health clubs).

Clorox Anywhere Hand Sanitizing Spray is formulated to help kill microorganisms that can cause illnesses including adenovirus; hepatitis A, B and C, MRSA, norovirus, and rotavirus. The hand sanitizing spray contains glycerin, a naturally-occurring moisturizer, to help professionals who wash and sanitize their hands frequently.

Source: The Clorox Company

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