Companies Resolve Patent Infringement Lawsuit

Ecolab® Inc., Kleancheck Systems, LLC and Spartan Chemical Co., Inc. have resolved a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Ecolab and Kleancheck against Spartan. Ecolab exclusively licensed the DAZO® fluorescent marking gel technology from Kleancheck Systems, LLC, the development company founded by Dr. Philip Carling, a leading authority in infectious disease medicine. Ecolab offers the DAZO product as part of its EnCompass® Monitoring Program. 

The EnCompass Monitoring Program uses the patented DAZO fluorescent marking gel to objectively measure thoroughness of disinfection cleaning on critical surfaces throughout the hospital. The cleaning outcomes data helps drive continuous improvement, provides compliance to current recommendations and reduces the risk of healthcare associated infections.

Ecolab and Kleancheck filed a patent infringement suit against Spartan on Aug. 30, 2013, alleging infringement of three U.S. Patents against Spartan's UVCheck® validation tool. Going forward, only Ecolabs EnCompass monitoring program will offer the patented fluorescent marking gel as part of an environmental monitoring program.

Source: Ecolab Inc.