Considerations for Evaluating and Purchasing a UV Device for Surface Disinfection

During the trial and evaluation of a UV device for surface disinfection, healthcare professionals' due diligence must span a wide range of considerations. For example, any new device being considered for purchase and implementation in a healthcare organization should be evaluated for its cost effectiveness; healthcare professionals must investigate whether the technology has demonstrated a reduction in infection rates that justifies the cost associated with the purchase and maintenance of the device. Evaluators must identify the ongoing costs involved in the use, education and training for clinical products and equipment. In choosing advanced technologies, the length of treatment time is a key factor that should be considered when purchasing capital equipment, due to the potential economic impact in terms of staffing and labor costs in-volved.

This digital magazine discusses some key considerations for the evaluation; and purchasing of a UV device for surface disinfection in the healthcare environment.

  • Review the considerations for proper evaluation of a UV disinfection device
  • Learn about due diligence in the device trial process
  • Discover the latest evidence regarding performance of a UV device