Crosstex and SPSmedical Introduce AirView II Bowie Dick Type Test Pack

Crosstex International and SPSmedical Supply introduce the AirView™ II Bowie-Dick Test Pack as an extension to its Bowie-Dick Test Pack product line.

The new AirView™ II Bowie Dick Test Pack is a single-use test designed to be smaller in size (reduces waste) and easier to store (saves space). The manufacturer’s instructions for use (IFU) are printed directly on the product for user convenience and compliance with best practices. After processing, the test sheet is easy to read (pass or fail interpretation) and convenient to store (small size and stable ink color change).

To comply with sterilization standards, pre-vacuum steam sterilizers should be tested daily with a Bowie-Dick type test to detect air leaks, inadequate air removal, inadequate steam penetration, and non-condensable gases (e.g., air or gas from boiler additives). 

“Compliance with standards is critical for patient safety and maintaining accreditation,” notes Chuck Hughes, vice president of infection prevention consulting services for SPSmedical Supply Corp., a division of Crosstex International. “Because pre-vacuum sterilizers require a vacuum to be drawn during the first and last phases of the sterilization cycle, it is imperative to make sure that this is occurring properly. The AirView™ II Bowie-Dick Test Pack verifies proper function and should be carried out each day the sterilizer is used, before the first processed load.”

Source: Crosstex International and SPSmedical Supply