CS Medical Debuts QwikDry TEE Ultrasound Probe Drying Cloth

CS Medical announces the release of its newest product designed to aid in the circle of care for TEE probes. The QwikDry™ TEE Ultrasound Probe Drying Cloth is designed to effectively dry TEE ultrasound probes at the conclusion of high-level disinfection and rinse. The TEE ultrasound probes should be thoroughly dried prior to reuse or storage, as recommend by the probe manufacturer. QwikDry is an individually packaged, irradiated cloth with a super adsorbent matrix and ultra-smooth texture surface to effectively remove moisture and slide freely over the TEE ultrasound probe shaft.  QwikDry was developed to address the current issues associated with other drying methods employed by healthcare facilities. The QwikDry TEE ultrasound probe drying cloth is the next solution for healthcare professional tasked with minimizing healthcare-associated infections. 

For years, CS Medical has provided the TD 100® Automated TEE Probe Disinfector to healthcare facilities throughout the United States. Today, the TD 100 has completed over 2 million successful disinfections and continues to provide validated and repeatable high level disinfection for TEE probes.  CS Medical’s QwikDry TEE probe drying cloths are just another component in the total care suite of products offered by CS Medical.

CS Medical’s 2016 catalog addresses new focal areas for TEE probe care such as electrical leakage testing, bedside cleaning, ultrasound probe drying and ultrasound probe storage.

Source: CS Medical LLC