Dashboard Helps Facility Managers Create a Culture of Sustainability

Facility managers are discovering the benefits of the Web-based Sustainability Dashboard from Sustainability Dashboard Tools, LLC. The easy-to-use system allows users to monitor and measure their consumption of energy, water, fuel, paper goods and even cleaning supplies to help reduce the use of non-renewable resources and cut operating costs.

Companies using the Sustainability Dashboard Tool report it has helped their organizations create a culture of sustainability -- everyone gets on board, helping to make the facility greener and more sustainable.

Sustainability Dashboard Tools' allows users to measure the natural resources their businesses use and the greenhouse gas emissions they generate. Armed with this information, businesses can make commonsense changes that reduce their impact on the environment. Such changes save businesses money and make them more efficient and competitive while also benefiting their facilities, employees, and local community as well as the environment. For more information, visit http://green2sustainable.com.