Demand High for New Drug That Offers Flu Vaccine Without Needle Injection, According to SG Cowen Survey

NEW YORK -- According to a survey conducted by SG Cowen, there is strong demand among doctors for FluMist, a flu vaccine that is administered through the nose rather than by a shot in the arm. The survey also concludes that patients would overwhelmingly prefer the intranasal vaccine.

Confirming that patients don't like shots, the survey found that 78 percent of patients would prefer an intranasal vaccine versus an intramuscular vaccine, and that physicians would use FluMist in over 50 percent of flu vaccinations.

The FluMist survey results were released today at the firm's conference on Therapeutic Categories in New York. Additional key FluMist survey findings include:

* 90 percent of physicians would prescribe a live attenuated intranasal vaccine such as FluMist instead of the traditional inactivated intramuscular flu vaccine.

* Pricing is a key issue; the survey suggests most patients will not pay more than $20 for FluMist

* Demand for FluMist will exceed supply for the first couple of seasons

FluMist is being developed by MedImmune and is expected to generate 60 percent of MedImmune's (MEDI) 2003-2006 revenue growth, according to SG Cowen.

"Based on the results of our survey, we believe that FluMist is poised for a successful launch," says Phil Nadeau, a senior biotech analyst at SG Cowen.

SG Cowen is the U.S.-based investment banking division of SG, the corporate and investment banking arm of Societe Generale, and is a leader in producing comprehensive surveys of key issues and trends in the healthcare field.

Source: PRNewswire