Detailed Microbe Database Now Available Online

Covering a wide range of microbes, experts from leading environmental bio-contamination specialist, Bioquell, have developed a comprehensive and freely available online 'bug' database. The microsite features more than 30 of the most common environmental contaminants of importance in various sectors including healthcare, life sciences, pharmaceutical and defense. This online resource provides valuable insight into the world of bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Each entry includes a high-resolution image and detailed information about the bug's biology, allowing readers to understand key points about its microbiology. The symptoms/effects of the bugs are reviewed explaining its habitat, transmission and control. Finally, technical information is provided for each bug, which typically includes various references to other useful scientific papers/articles.

Commenting on this new online resource, Dr. Jon Otter, head of microbiology at Bioquell, notes, "Our advanced hydrogen peroxide vapor technology kills bugs that are often difficult to picture. This new section on our website provides an appreciation of some of the key microbes we are often asked to tackle, plus a few of the more obscure ones. By understanding a wide range of microbes, our teams can ensure the success of our hydrogen peroxide vapor (HPV) bio-decontamination technology in a wide variety of applications."

Visit the microbiology database at: