Diversey Care Introduces MoonBeam3 Disinfection System

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division introduces the MoonBeam™3, a system that uses powerful ultraviolet (UV) technology to kill pathogens on high-touch surfaces in patient rooms, operating rooms, and bathrooms. Designed to be used in conjunction with regular cleaning and disinfection, the portable solution uses three individually adjustable arms to disinfect patient care equipment, fixtures, bed rails, work stations, monitors and more.

“Traditional UV disinfection towers are designed to disinfect vertically, meaning they can miss important surfaces in the horizontal direction,” said Carolyn Cooke, vice president, Healthcare North America, Diversey Care. “With adjustable coverage, MoonBeam3 provides a targeted approach that will allow our healthcare customers to take cleaning and disinfection to the next level and improve patient outcomes. Plus, it’s significantly more affordable than other technologies available in the market.”

With cycle times as low as 90 seconds, MoonBeam3’s arms each generate a broad umbrella of intense, 254-nanometer wavelength, UVC light to quickly penetrate pathogen cells. The system has been clinically tested to achieve 3- to 5-log reductions in harmful pathogens such as MRSA, VRE, MDR Gram-negative, norovirus and C. diff spores in a typical 180-second cycle.

Delivering chemical-free, fume-free pathogen elimination, MoonBeam3 incorporates a physical accelerometer and infrared motion sensing in the room, and uses a bright yellow “remote cover” that starts the device from outside of the room and automatically stops the cycle if entry is attempted.

Source: Diversey Care