Diversey Care's New TASKISUM Disposable Mops Wipe Away Poor Performance and Cross-Contamination Risks

Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division introduces the new TASKISUM™ Disposable Mopping System, an alternative to microfiber mops that require an effective laundering process. The mops are ideal for healthcare environments where speed and efficiency are critical, and cleaning and disinfecting effectiveness cannot be compromised.

Improving operating room turnover speed can help increase revenue, while improving patient room turnover can help increase patient satisfaction and staff efficiency. TASKISUM mops allow staff to clean in a single location and then dispose of the mop, reducing the risk of cross contamination and laundering concerns. They also provide the benefits of microfiber with the convenience of disposables, and are available in two size options (40 and 60 centimeters).

“Microfiber mops provide great performance benefits, including the ability to remove and hold dirt and microorganisms. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get them to release the dirt and microorganisms if the laundering process is not effective, leading to the risk of poor performance and cross contamination. With reusable (launderable) mops, you also need to factor in the cost of shrinkage along with typical laundering costs including collection, sorting, laundering and redistribution,” says Carolyn Cooke, vice president of Healthcare North America, Diversey Care.

When used with Diversey brand cleaners, disinfectants and TASKI® tools, TASKISUM mops provide staff with an ergonomically-designed system that enables them to work effectively and efficiently. TASKISUM mops have a dense core into which the microfibers are stitched allowing them to hold and more evenly distribute chemical; improving productivity and results. The mops can be used dry or damp.

Source: Sealed Air’s Diversey Care division