Diversey Offers Tools to Fight Norovirus

Diversey announces the launch of a toolkit of products, educational materials and expertise to combat the spread of norovirus. Diversey is leveraging its market leadership and expertise to actively educate its customers and distributors on the best practices and most effective products to help reduce the risk of norovirus on employees, customers and facility operations. 

According to epidemiologist Salah Qutaishat, PhD, CIC, FSHEA, who has helped manage hospitals through several outbreaks, "Enteric illnesses, including norovirus, will continue to be a public health challenge in the future. Our best defense is to be prepared as we encounter seasonal norovirus outbreaks. I think that institutions with high risk of norovirus transmission, such as cruise ships and long-term healthcare facilities, should be proactive by having an enteric illness plan in place. This plan should be activated as soon as the first case of norovirus is identified.

Public health agencies have recommended some key actions to help reduce the risk of norovirus transmission, including: frequent handwashing, carefully washing fruits and vegetables before preparing and eating them, and improved cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces with EPA or Health Canada (DIN)-registered disinfectant cleaners.

We are working closely with our customers to ensure they are as prepared as possible to react to any outbreak, says Diversey's North American vice president, Richard McEvoy. We are staying close to our customers and have expanded our production levels of disinfectants and hand hygiene products to ensure that we are able to meet our customers needs for these infection prevention solutions."  

Diverseys healthcare business is committed to providing a comprehensive set of infection prevention solutions to help facilities improve cleaning and disinfection standards while driving operational efficiencies. With innovative solutions such as Oxivir cleaners and disinfectants with AHP or Vericlean, Diverseys solutions help create a cleaner and safer patient environment that reinforces the trust and confidence that patients place on their healthcare providers. To learn more about how to stem the spread of norovirus, visit www.outbreakcontrol.com.