DuPont Offers to Assist in Controlling Spread of `Bird Flu' in Delaware and Surrounding Region


:DuPont Offers to Assist in Controlling Spread of `Bird Flu' in Delaware and Surrounding Region

WILMINGTON, Del. -- To assist Delaware's agriculture industry and federal and state governments in their efforts against avian flu, DuPont today offered to accelerate efforts to supply a range of disinfectants including DuPont Virkon S to help prevent the

"bird flu" from spreading. Also, DuPont has offered to provide biosecurity

control expertise, including appropriate measures for vehicle disinfection,

farm border controls, and targeted disinfection applications.

"We have offered to federal and state agriculture government officials and

industry representatives our unique science expertise, capabilities and

willingness to step up efforts during this time of need in our home state,"

said Nick Fanandakis, vice president and general manager of DuPont Chemical

Solutions Enterprise. "We are prepared to both expedite shipment of

disinfectant products and provide the `know-how' of appropriate biosecurity

control measures. As part of Delaware for more 200 years, DuPont recognizes

the importance of the agricultural industry to our community and surrounding

region. We are ready to assist through unique science and technical


As a readiness measure, industry and government agencies have participated

with DuPont in the past in a broad range of emergency disease control steps.

In 2002, Virkon S disinfectant was used as a preventive measure across the

Delmarva Peninsula following an avian influenza outbreak which infected

millions of birds in western Virginia.

"Our prior emergency disease control preparedness has been extremely

helpful in this response," said Delmarva Poultry Industry Executive Director

Bill Satterfield. "More preparedness is less reactiveness. Virkon S

disinfectant is at the top of our list. It is nice to know we have support

from DuPont."

Globally regarded as among the most effective antiviral disinfectant

agents available, Virkon S disinfectant, produced by DuPont's Antec

International, works as a preventive measure, enhancing sanitary conditions of

livestock areas and helping to prevent avian influenza from spreading. During

last year's avian influenza outbreak in the Netherlands, Virkon S was the

disinfectant of choice purchased by the Dutch government to help prevent the

"bird flu" from spreading. Virkon S was also used during the 1999 outbreak

in Italy.

Last month, DuPont accelerated efforts and increased supplies of Virkon

S disinfectant and biosecurity expertise into the Asia Pacific region

following the current avian flu outbreak. Tens of millions of poultry across

Asia were infected, prompting the mass slaughter of chickens to contain the


Biosecurity control measures and technical support provided by DuPont

would include key preventive measures to minimize the future spread of avian

influenza. Biosecurity procedures on farms include appropriate vehicle

disinfection, farm border controls, and rigorous disinfection measures.

Source: DuPont

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