E-Mist Cuts Chemical Usage and Costs at Skilled Nursing Facilities


When Creative Solutions in Healthcare (CSNHC) started working with E-Mist Innovations in early 2015, they were optimistic about the results of using E-Mist’s electrostatic disinfectant application system in CSNHC’s 49 skilled nursing facilities. After working with E-Mist for more than a year, the results spoke for themselves. Chemical costs were down and residents as well as employees were healthier.

“There are huge chemical cost savings and our employees are healthier,” said Gary Blake, president of CSNHC. “Employees are staying at work, so our overtime is now down in many markets during flu season, whereas in the past seasons it was higher. Our residents are also returning home sooner from their rehab stays with us instead of going back to the hospital, and our managed-care insurance companies and even Medicare are taking notice of that.”

To optimize the effectiveness of the new treatment, CSNHC’s staff underwent training to receive E-Mist’s Touch Point Healthy™ certification, which shows that the organization has met the requirements for proper surface disinfection.

E-Mist uses proprietary adaptations of electrostatic technology and induction charging of liquid droplets to produce precise, controlled, high-performance liquid application and management capabilities for treatment of hard and soft surfaces. The charged droplets seek out the target magnetically, more forcefully and with greater surface adhesion. Meaning, that the droplets cling to the surface with a comprehensive coverage effect to allow for proper dwell time, equating to a disinfected surface.

“Healthcare-associated infections and super infections are epidemic, and, at certain stages throughout the year, the common cold or flu can have a dramatic negative impact in healthcare settings,” said George Robertson, CEO of E-Mist. “We love that CSNHC is reaping the benefits of using E-Mist’s products. They’re truly the perfect solution to eradicate infections in long-term healthcare facilities.”

An added benefit of using E-Mist was the reduction of turnover in CSNHC’s housekeeping department.

“Our housekeeping turnover reduced tremendously. Employees enjoy working in environments where they have the tools they need to keep them and the residents safe. In turn, this affects HR and the recruiting department. They’re reducing budgets by not only running fewer ads, but also by not having to onboard as many new employees, which can cost thousands of dollars,” Blake said.

E-Mist recently launched the BackPack System – a new, mobile, cordless electrostatic application system. The unit is ideal for offices, medical facilities, long-term care facilities, schools, daycares, food processing plants and all methods of transportation – anywhere mobility is critical. Users simply wear the applicator just like any backpack.

Source: E-Mist Innovations

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