Ecolab and Diversey Resolve Patent Infringement Lawsuit Through License

Ecolab Inc. and Kleancheck Systems LLC, announce that they have resolved a patent infringement lawsuit brought against Diversey, Inc., through a license to Diversey to certain U.S. patents covering the cleaning monitoring techniques invented by Philip Carling, MD, a leading authority in infectious disease medicine.

Ecolab and Kleancheck filed the patent infringement lawsuit against Diversey on Aug. 14, 2012, alleging that the Diversey VeriClean® fluorescent monitoring system infringed two of Carling’s U.S. patents owned by his development company, Kleancheck, and exclusively licensed to Ecolab. Ecolab offers its own fluorescent cleaning monitoring system under the DAZO® and EnCompass® brands. DAZO and EnCompass Monitoring are key components of Ecolab’s value proposition to help hospitals combat healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

All other details of the resolution are confidential.

Source: Ecolab Inc.