Ecolab Environmental Monitoring Program Helps Healthcare Facilities Measure Cleaning


Ecolab Inc. recently announced the availability of its EnCompass Environmental Monitoring Program, which provides an objective and measurable method for healthcare facilities to evaluate the effectiveness of their cleaning programs. Featuring DAZO® Fluorescent Marking Gel, the program includes tools, training and reporting to help facilities meet new CDC recommendations related to patient room cleaning.

The new CDC Toolkit, Options for Evaluating Environmental Cleaning, identifies the environments role in the spread of infections, and the need to continuously evaluate and improve environmental cleaning. Key components of Ecolabs patented environmental monitoring program are DAZO Fluorescent Marking Gel and black light pen; an iPod touch pre-loaded with a mobile application to easily record cleaning outcomes; training on how to measure the thoroughness of disinfection cleaning; and quarterly reporting provided by Ecolab.

To objectively evaluate cleaning outcomes, DAZO is applied to high-touch objects (e.g., bed rails, call buttons, light switches, toilet seats, etc.) before a room is cleaned. After cleaning, the high-touch objects are inspected with a black light to determine if the marks were removed, indicating whether or not the object was thoroughly cleaned.

Ecolabs mobile application helps hospitals record and keep track of cleaning outcomes as rooms are inspected. As auditors evaluate rooms after cleaning, they identify whether an object has passed or failed from the list of high-touch objects within a room. The data is then wirelessly transmitted to Ecolab where it is aggregated. Customers receive quarterly reports on cleaning effectiveness including the percentage of high-touch objects cleaned, benchmarking against baseline data, comparisons of outcomes against aggregate data from other hospitals, and identification of areas for improvement.

DAZO Fluorescent Marking Gel, the iPod touch, Ecolabs mobile cleaning application, and the ongoing reporting are also available within the more comprehensive EnCompass Environmental Hygiene Program. That program also includes cleaning products and tools, a highly accurate dispensing system, training on best practices and program monitoring to help hospitals clean patient rooms more quickly, consistently and effectively. More information is available at

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