Ecolab Introduces Solid Manual Cleaner for Easier Surgical Instrument Reprocessing

Ecolab Inc. announces the addition of a solid manual cleaner to its OptiPro Program. The OptiPro Solid Multi Enzymatic Manual Cleaner is the first solid multi-enzymatic detergent for manual cleaning of surgical instruments that provides a ready-to-use, low-foaming, fragrance-free cleaning solution.

The OptiPro Solid Manual Cleaner offers innovative product formulation and dispensing design. Its advanced enzymatic technology reduces the manual scrubbing needed to remove fat and protein soils, improving process efficiencies and user experience. The new dispensing system is designed to provide a ready-to-use cleaning solution to control product usage and eliminate the need to measure product. In addition, the dispenser delivers the solution within a temperature range to allow optimal enzyme performance.

Ecolabs solids product technology also minimizes packaging waste and weight, which decreases transportation and storage costs for greater sustainability.