Ecolab's Restora Program Removes Adhesives from Linen, Reducing Costs for Healthcare Laundries

Ecolab introduces the Restora™ program for healthcare laundries. The program uses a patent-pending formula to remove medical adhesives from linen during the wash process. With the Restora program, healthcare laundries can reclaim linen that would have previously been discarded due to adhesive stains, helping to extend linen life and reduce replacement costs.

Tests show that the Restora program can help healthcare laundries reclaim up to 99 percent of adhesive-stained linen.

“Medical adhesive stains are difficult to remove and present one of the costliest challenges for healthcare laundries,” says Michael Johannsen, senior vice president of Global Textile Care at Ecolab. “We developed the Restora program to help healthcare laundries remove adhesives and prevent stains which lead to linen reprocessing and replacement.”

The Restora program – the first-of-its-kind solution in commercial laundry – uses a proprietary blend of solvents and surfactants to dissolve medical adhesives, including heart monitor pads, and the residue they leave behind. The formula is tough on adhesives but gentle on linen, so it will not harm specialized healthcare fabric, and it works within a normal wash process.

Source: Ecolab