Encompass Group LLC Partners with PerfectCLEAN Infection Prevention Products and Systems


With the incentives for preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) continuing to escalate, leading hospitals are looking to environmental hygiene solutions from brands like PerfectCLEAN® offered by Encompass Group, LLC.
“For those managing a hospital, the reasons for preventing infections are multiple –including raising HCAHPS scores and reducing readmissions – two components that contribute to increased financial penalties,” says Joe Przepiorka, vice president of marketing for Encompass Group, LLC. For example, he notes that recently, Medicare identified more than 750 US hospitals in line to be penalized for high rates of infections.
“Threats posed by the pathogens that can cause HAIs affect not only patient safety, but also a facility’s reputation and its financial health,” Przepiorka says. “We understand this at Encompass Group and that’s why we have aligned with an industry leader such as UMF Corporation, the developer of PerfectCLEAN, a ground-breaking system of high performance infection prevention products for processing patient environments.”
The PerfectCLEAN Environmental Hygiene System offers superior efficacy, which has been designed to exceed the CDC recommendations for blood borne pathogens and has been developed to be laundered in a commercial laundry with the CDC recommended levels of hypochlorite bleach.

The products represent the only true color-coded system supported by a number of training programs including Operating Room processing – practices and procedures which recently received the AORN Seal of Recognition. In this day and age it makes absolutely no sense whatsoever not to isolate the bathroom, the key reservoir for C diff, from the patient care zone. PerfectCLEAN offers excellent ROI through superior durability, and it is the only product line backed by an exceptional level of professional expertise.
The PerfectCLEAN System includes a wide range of products designed and developed to meet every challenge. Unique micro-denier fiber is used in all PerfectCLEAN products – the highest percentage of micro-denier fiber available in the industry. All are designed to work hand-in-hand with any cleaning solution.
Maintaining a safe and clean patient environment is an essential part of caring for hospitalized patients today. Each year, more than 2 million patients are affected by HAIs, resulting in more than 100,000 deaths. The cost to treat HAIs is growing. A report published last year estimates that HAIs arising in U.S. acute care hospitals cost society as much as $147 billion annually.
Environmental hygiene is the first line of defense in any infection prevention program.
The PerfectCLEAN System is distributed by Encompass Group, LLC. PerfectCLEAN is a registered trademark of UMF Corporation.
Source: Encompass Group

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