Firms Announce Partnership for Surgical Instrument Management

Best Practice Professionals, Inc., a leading provider of oneSOURCE Document Management Service®, an electronic database that provides immediate access to manufacturers instructions for use (IFU) documents, has entered into a partnership with Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd., the leading provider of RFID enabled surgical instrument visibility solutions for the healthcare industry. Haldors ORLocate® system now has a link to BPPs oneSOURCE Document Management Service®, allowing hospital customers to concurrently view both the instrument and equipment cleaning IFU documents and tracking, management, and analysis of surgical instruments on an individual basis in real time.

ORLocate® enables hospitals to significantly reduce costs associated to surgical instrument shrinkage as well as provide accurate usage data on each instrument to optimize instrument set size and overall inventory. The system helps increase staff productivity and accuracy by actively guiding and monitoring the technicians entire workflow cycle to ensure compliance. It improves patient safety and infection control and prevents retained surgical items by provision of accurate instrument level data. With this partnership, Best Practice Professionals is fully integrated to leverage Haldors real-time surgical instrument management solutions that deliver both the location and status of surgical instruments in sterile processing departments and operating rooms.

We are excited about the partnership as we understand that optimizing processing efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing patient safety through improved surgical instrument management in collaboration with Best Practice Professionals Inc. brings significant value to hospitals," says Sabina Chadha, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Haldor Advanced Technologies Ltd.

oneSOURCE Document Management Service® helps healthcare facilities meet CMS, AAAHC and Joint Commission accreditation requirements. Surveyors now ask that technicians show they are following current manufacturers IFU documents when cleaning, decontaminating, and sterilizing clinical equipment and reusable surgical instruments. oneSOURCE Document Management Service® saves healthcare facilities time, space and money with an easy to access, up-to-date, online database. The oneSOURCE Customer Service Team responds to healthcare facilities IFU document needs by acting as a liaison with the manufacturer, providing notification of revised documents and adding documents upon request at no additional charge.