Floyd Medical Center Deploys Germ-Killing Robot to Elevate Patient Safety

Floyd Medical Center in Rome, Ga. recently bolstered its patient safety arsenal by deploying Tru-D SmartUVC, an automated disinfection robot that accurately measures and delivers a pathogen-eliminating dose of UV light to terminally disinfect patient rooms, ICUs, surgery suites and other patient spaces.

Short for Total Room Ultraviolet Disinfection, Tru-D "finishes the job" after hospital staff members complete traditional disinfection routines, reducing the risk of dangerous infections being transmitted through surface contact. The remotely operated robot works by generating powerful UV light energy that modifies the DNA structure of an infectious cell rendering it harmless.

"We have a robust environmental services team that does an outstanding job, as evidenced by our excellent infection rates," says Linda Huddleston, director of infection prevention and employee health at Floyd Medical Center.  "Tru-D adds another layer to our efforts to keep our patients and employees safe."

Tru-D SmartUVC delivers an automated measured dose of germicidal UVC to consistently disinfect an entire room during a single cycle. Tru-D operates from a single position within the room, ensuring 99.99 percent pathogen reduction in direct and shadowed areas and eliminating the threat of human error in the disinfection process. The robot's low-pressure mercury vapor lamps, endorsed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy for use in healthcare environments, provide the most efficient delivery of UVC energy to ensure optimum disinfection results. Additionally, the robot's cloud-based data-tracking technology, iTru-D, transfers usage data to a customized portal to provide real-time results through concise graphics and exportable records. Validated in more than 12 independent studies, Tru-D's combined automated measured dosing capabilities and real-time usage-tracking features make Tru-D a precise and advanced automated UV disinfection system.

Tru-D can effectively and safely eliminate viruses, bacteria, spores and other pathogens from rooms where patients were treated for serious and contagious diseases - including superbugs like MRSA, CRE, C. diff or even Ebola. David Early, director of support services at Floyd Medical Center, said that Tru-D SmartUVC will be used on all floors of the hospital as needed.

"Now more than ever, hospitals have to elevate their infection prevention efforts to current best practices,  staying ahead to reduce the risk of the transmission of infection and delivering the safest environment possible for their patients to heal and their staff to operate in," says Chuck Dunn, president and chief executive officer of Tru-D SmartUVC. "Floyd Medical Center's investment in this best-in-class UV disinfection technology will allow them to confidently protect their patients and staff, as well as track and optimize their infection prevention efforts."

Source: Tru-D SmartUVC