Fresh-Aire UV Introduces Free UV-C Demonstration Trial Program

Fresh-Aire UV® is now offering a free on-site ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) system demonstration trial and analysis for commercial/industrial HVAC air-conditioning systems used in healthcare, industrial, hospitality, education and office buildings.

The free UV-C Demonstration Trial Program is available to any HVAC/R contractor or their building owner clients in the continental U.S. throughout 2014 by visiting or calling (800) 741-1195. The free program is valued at several thousand dollars per trial.

Applicants fill out a form indicating HVAC system size, age, and maintenance history and other background information. If eligible, a licensed, Fresh-Aire UV-certified HVAC/R technician will provide a free before-and-after onsite mechanical equipment analysis detailing more than a dozen parameters such as HVAC system surface microbial growth issues, static pressure, temperature differentials, VFD history analysis, etc. Then a free temporary demonstration UV-C light system will be installed via a magnetically-mounted assembly and plug-in power supply.

"We want the most difficult air handlers to maintain so we can prove our technology to end-users that haven't experienced the benefits of UVGI technology," says Chris Willette, presiden of Fresh-Aire UV, inventor of the popular Blue-Tube UV®  24-VAC low-voltage UV system.

Eligible commercial/industrial buildings must have more than one air handling unit of at least 10,000-cfm. Besides microbial control, buildings with odor challenges are also eligible for a free volatile odor ororganic compound (VOC) control demonstration trial with Fresh-Aire UV's APCO air purification system, which combines UVGI, gas-phase air purification and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) technologies. After the 60-day trial, end-users have the option of purchasing the equipment.    

Source: Triatomic Environmental Inc.