Fresh-Aire UV Introduces Surface Disinfection UV Light System for Healthcare Facilities


Fresh-Aire UV®, a leading manufacturer of UV, gas phase carbon media air filtration and PCO air purification products, has introduced the Environmental Surface Disinfection System (ESDS), a stationary ceiling-mounted ultraviolet (UV) light system for irradiating pathogenic organisms on high-touch surfaces.  

The ESDS is a No-Touch-Disinfection (NTD), fully-customizable system designed for healthcare rooms and spaces requiring surface disinfection. The UV system complements conventional terminal cleaning practices used in disinfecting surgery suites, patient rooms and clean rooms in between occupied periods. Versus mobile robotic UV methods, the stationary, fully-automatic hands-free disinfection solution has no moving parts, no maintenance needs other than quick and easy lamp replacement. The system is less susceptible to shadowing, requires no skilled technician or training and is more cost-effective, resulting in significant cost savings.

The product line consists of several sizes of dual or single power-coated white aluminum, commercial-grade fixture housings and lifetime warranty 120 or 230-volt power supplies. The fixtures range up to 60-inches-long and can be mounted in tandem for maximum disinfection dosage and coverage in any size room.  The fixture installs quickly to any ceiling material or height and requires the same skills as conventional light fixture installation.

ESDS lamps have an ozone-free, 254-nanometer UV spectrum, 12,000-hour lifecycle, and a shatter-proof Teflon® bulb coating encapsulation option. Besides surface disinfection, the system also disinfects airborne biological contaminants that pass through the UV field via air convection. Typical disinfection cycles are between 10 to 20 minutes. The ESDS is third-party laboratory tested as 99.9999 percent effective against disinfecting a cross-section of different micro-organisms. 

Safety features include a programmable timer for activation only during unoccupied periods, an optional door-mounted interlock switch and infrared, motion and ultrasonic detectors that prevent accidental exposure. The ESDS can be combined with Fresh-Aire UV's Control Panel with a programmable logic controller (PLC) or it is  customizable for control and monitoring by building management systems (BMS).

Design assistance for engineers, contractors and maintenance staffs is available by the Fresh-Aire UV's engineering team for proper ESDS specifications, such as room orientation, layout, room equipment, placement, µW s/cm2 rates, targeted pathogen deactivation, coverage distances and other parameters critical for maximum surface and airspace disinfection protection.

Source: Fresh-Aire UV

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