'Gate-Keeper' Patent Granted for Novel Germicidal Device to Help Prevent Hospital-Acquired Infections

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BOSTON -- Catheter site infections are among the most

common and serious nosocomial infections. UVSolutions announces its patented catheter site disinfection

system, also patented for wound care, is a safe, effective, painless, low-cost

disinfection solution.

Hospital-acquired infection affects 1 in 20 patients and

kills more people than car accidents and homicides combined. The CDC

estimated that in the U.S. in 1995, nosocomial infections cost $4.5 billion

and contributed to more than 88,000 deaths -- one death every six minutes.

Catheters routinely provide hospitalized patients with medication,

nutrition, hydration etc. The largest single cause of catheter-related

infections is colonization of microorganisms around the catheter entry site,

under the dressing. The microorganisms multiply and migrate down the outside

of the catheter into the blood stream.


UVSolutions has developed a novel system to significantly reduce

colonization of microorganisms around the catheter site. The disinfection

system includes a palm-sized, battery operated ultraviolet C light placed over

the catheter site to deliver a single flash of UVC light through a custom

dressing. UVSolutions plans to partner with market leaders to commercialize

the catheter site disinfection system and the wound care system.

"UVSolutions' proprietary flash-based germicidal ultra violet (UVC)

sterilization technology for medical and consumer applications has a greater

than 99.9 percent efficacy in killing bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi. UVC does

not contribute to the development of resistant strains of microorganisms, as

do other antimicrobials and antibiotics," reports Geoff Jenkins, president of

the company.

UVSolutions' medical infection control products are designed to provide revolutionary

low-cost, non-chemical sterilization and disinfection solutions to help reduce

escalating incidences and costs associated with nosocomial infections.

Source: UVSolutions LLC