Georgia-Pacific Professional Highlights Healthcare Solutions in a Patient Room Setting at AHRMM


Healthcare supply chain professionals can view Georgia-Pacific Professional’s comprehensive bundle of washroom solutions for patient rooms and public areas in acute-care facilities at AHRMM14, the 52nd Annual Conference & Exhibition of the Association for Healthcare Resource & Materials Management (AHRMM), being held Aug. 3-6, 2014.

On display will be nationally recognized Georgia-Pacific Professional brands like Angel Soft ps®, enMotion®, SofPull® and Compact® that address current needs for cost control, hygiene improvement and sustainability. In addition to washroom solutions, attendees can experience a live demonstration of the SafeHaven™ automated hand hygiene monitoring system developed by Georgia-Pacific Professional and Versus Technology.

“At Georgia-Pacific Professional, we understand that washrooms and patient rooms in healthcare facilities require solutions that are cost effective and encourage practices that may improve hand hygiene compliance,” says Andy Webb, senior marketing manager - healthcare segment, Georgia-Pacific Professional. “Our products help meet these demands and support environmental goals for reducing washroom paper use and waste. We look forward to sharing these solutions with AHRMM14 attendees.”

At Booth 410, Georgia-Pacific Professional will highlight the benefits of its bundle of washroom solutions, as well as the SafeHaven system and other products for healthcare facilities and operations.

Featured products at the booth will include:

enMotion® touchless soap dispenser
Ideal for medical staff areas, patient rooms or public washrooms, this dispenser provides a controlled portion of gentle foam soap, germ-killing foam soap or foam sanitizer when a hand is placed under it. Automated touchless dispensing helps minimize risk of cross-contamination and control usage.

SofPull® automated touchless towel dispenser
With its streamlined profile, this dispenser fits well in space constrained areas like patient rooms. One-at-a-time towel dispensing helps lower usage and reduce waste when compared with Georgia-Pacific’s multifold towels. Also, automated, touch-free towel dispensing provides convenient hand drying to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

SofPull® Mini bath tissue dispenser
Featuring a small profile and single-sheet dispensing, this tissue dispenser fits washrooms with limited space and helps cut consumption compared with standard roll bath tissue. SofPull® tissue has no outer carton or inner wrapping, resulting in less packaging waste than standard single roll bath tissue.(1) Tissue is enclosed in the dispenser, so users only touch the available sheet, helping reduce the spread of germs that might be found on standard bath tissue if not enclosed.

SafeHaven Automated Hygiene Monitoring System
The SafeHaven system has been designed to help increase hand hygiene participation by providing real time information, trending reports and feedback for the clinical staff and management team.  It incorporates wireless monitoring technology into Georgia-Pacific Professional’s automated touchless dispensers to make it easier for healthcare professionals to practice and promote good hand hygiene and help create healthier environments in their facilities.

Reference: 1. Based on Georgia-Pacific Professional proprietary research

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