Germicidal UV Light Device Manufacturer Opens West Coast Office

Citing increased sales and demand for ultraviolet light (UV) disinfection to help fight hospital-acquired infections (HAIs), Lumalier Corporation, a U.S. manufacturer of advanced ultraviolet germicidal disinfection equipment, announces that it is opening a new West Coast office, to be located in Valencia, Calif.

"Sales of Tru-D, a total room disinfection device, have increased over 250 percent this year," says Chuck Dunn, president and CEO of Lumalier. According to the manufacturer, Tru-D is an advanced, automated, mobile air and surface disinfection device. "Tru-D is more thorough than manual cleaning protocols and is automated to eliminate human error. It reduces chemical usage and provides fast disinfection of surfaces and air in the hospital environment," Dunn says. "Hospitals are able to reduce costs without reducing services and can turn over rooms more efficiently while insuring that new patients enter a clean and healthy environment."

Katja Auer has been appointed as director of business development for Lumalier Corporation and will manage the new West Coast office.

"Lumalier is very methodical in seeking out the best and brightest in our field of UV disinfection,” Dunn says. “Katja is a highly qualified, respected professional within the UV industry. We look forward to the expertise and knowledge she will provide to our organization. She will be a major asset to our clients worldwide."

Auer holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry from ConnecticutStateUniversity, a master's degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Arizona, and an MBA from the University of LaVerne. She brings a diversity of experience in technical sales, management, ISO and FDA quality systems, product R&D, and customer support. She is a voting member and secretary of ASHRAE's TC2.9 Technical Committee on UV Air and Surface Disinfection, and is corresponding member and secretary of the ASHRAE SPC-185 Committee for developing methods of test standards for UV.