Germs Encounter Double the Trouble with Two Tru-D Robots Now Protecting Lima Memorial Health System

Lima Memorial Health System (LMHS), a leader in infection prevention, welcomed a second Tru-D SmartUVC, an advanced UVC germ-eliminating robot, to its infection prevention team.

With the generous support of PotashCorp, LMHS purchased its first Tru-D SmartUVC robot in August and has been using the technology daily to disinfect patient areas before surgery at the hospital, as well as in the hospital's isolation rooms, as a part of the terminal cleaning process. Community members rallied together at a recent fundraising event, sponsored by the Lima Memorial Foundation, to fund a second disinfecting robot.

"We are committed to patient safety. This innovative technology adds another layer of protection against infection. We are thankful to our community members who share our vision of advancing healthcare in our region and came together to support the purchase of the Tru-D," says Mike Swick, president and CEO of Lima Memorial Health System.

The healthcare leaders at LMHS aren't the only ones to recognize Tru-D's effectiveness as of late. In October, research leaders in UVC disinfection released the results of the first randomized clinical trial on UVC disinfection, in which Tru-D SmartUVC was the only device used. Overall, results of the landmark Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection study, which was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that enhanced terminal room disinfection strategies decreased the cumulative incidence of multidrug-resistant organisms by 10 percent to 30 percent, and the largest decreases were seen when Tru-D was added to the standard cleaning strategy, (Daniel J. Sexton, MD, et al., 2015). It also showed that the process of incorporating Tru-D into hospital disinfection protocols for highest risk rooms was seamless, and adding a cycle of UVC dosing only added up to 10 minutes to the total room turnover.

"Lima Memorial's proactive approach to infection prevention using evidence-based technology like Tru-D is what sets the hospital apart as a leader in this area," says Chuck Dunn, president and CEO of Tru-D SmartUVC. "This is a textbook example of how a hospital can maximize the potential of Tru-D's measured germicidal UVC light to streamline and maximize infection prevention outcomes."       

Source: Tru-D SmartUVC