Halyard Health and Belintra Announce Sterilization Packaging and Logistics Co-Marketing Agreement

Halyard Health, Inc. and Belintra announce a co-marketing arrangement to offer sterilization packaging and logistics solutions. By combining Halyard Health's sterilization wrap products with Belintra's storage and transport logistics flow system for wrapped surgical instrument trays, the two companies will provide effective, comprehensive solutions for fulfilling surgical instrument sterility and help to improve hospitals' clinical efficiency.

"Halyard Health is continually working to identify opportunities to help our customers address challenges across healthcare delivery, including mitigating risks for healthcare-associated infections and readmissions," said Alex Hodges, general manager of surgical and infection prevention at Halyard Health. "Our co-marketing arrangement with Belintra will provide our customers with customizable, uniquely superior solutions for reducing opportunities for surgical instrument contamination, helping to ensure that sterility is maintained post-sterilization through handling and transport to the operating room."
Approximately 300,000 surgical site infections occur annually in U.S. hospitals, resulting in an estimated 9,000 attributable deaths. Halyard's state-of-the-art SMART-FOLD* and QUICK-CHECK* sterilization wraps provide industry-leading protection against contamination of surgical instruments. In a recent scientific study iv published in the American Journal of Infection Control, sterilization wrap was shown to maintain 100 percent sterility post-sterilization compared to rigid containers, of which 87 percent were positive for bacterial contamination post-sterilization.iv With this co-marketing arrangement, Halyard Health customers will be able to purchase transport solutions through Belintra, including Belintra's Sterisystem™ Logistics Flow Solution, which helps organizations to adhere to AAMI Standard 79 guidelines and improve efficiencies with:
•The UBeFlex® storage system, which saves space, avoids stacking and improves the organization of sterile departments
•FDA approved Perfo-Safe® baskets and shelves that reduce touchpoints for sterilized packages
•FDA approved Dry-Base® instrument trays that reduce wet packs

"While demands on central service departments are ever evolving, patient safety remains hospitals' number one priority," said Geert Schepens, CEO of Belintra. "We are pleased to have a promotion arrangement with Halyard Health to harness our collective capabilities to provide access to a one-of-a-kind solution that allows hospitals to benefit from the flexibility, cost and effectiveness of sterilization wrap with a more efficient means for storage and transportation of wrapped instrument trays post-sterilization." 

The Sterisystem™ Logistics Flow Solution will be promoted alongside Halyard Health's full portfolio of sterilization wraps, representing a complete product portfolio for safeguarding instrument sterility.

Source: Halyard Health