Healthmark Offers New Clean and Dirty Locks for Extra Round Soaker Security

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of The Endo Bin and Trolley Set. It is comprised of five lockable Round Soakers trays (20-inches in diameter) to safely hold flexible scopes without over-bending. These trays easily slide onto a specially designed stainless-steel Trolley. The lockable trays allow you to create a controlled delivery and retrieval system for endoscopes with tamper evident seals. For your convenience, a pre-packaged sample pack of two “Clean” seals (green) and two “Dirty” seals (red-biohazard) for each lockable Round Soaker tray have been included.

The green locks create a clear message to the clinical staff that the internal endoscope has been processed and is ready for use. The red-biohazard seal in contrast clearly indicates the scope has been used and is contaminated.

Source: Healthmark Industries Co., Inc.