Healthmark Offers New Single-Use Endoscope Cleaning Brush

Healthmark Industries announces the addition of the Endoscope Cleaning Brush CC-025-600 to its GI product line. Endoscope reusable brushes are often costly and are unintentionally discarded. For this reason the single-use 6mm diameter brush has been developed as an alternate option purposed for the channels of flexible endoscopes that have a diameter between 2.0mm and 3.2mm.

The Endoscope Cleaning Brush is used to brush inside of the suction channel in the control section, the instrument channel junction, the forceps/irrigation plug (isolated type), the luer-split, and the inside of the suction and biopsy valves, depending on which type of endoscope is used. The nylon bristle brush tips connect to a stainless-steel wire, which joins to a versatile white thermoplastic tubing, ensuring adequate debris removal without causing scope damage.

Source: Healthmark Industries Company, Inc.