Healthmark Offers Transportation Identification Labels

Healthmark Industries Co., Inc. announces that it is offering a Transportation Identification Label, designed for compliance with OSHA standard CFR 1910.1030. The Transportation Identification Label features one perforated tab, a green top tab with “CLEAN” in black text, a fluorescent orange/red bottom tab with “DIRTY” in black text, and the removable OSHA approved “Biohazard Label” adhesive backing.

The Transportation Identification Tag is produced for transporting materials considered a biohazard, while acting as an essential communication tool in the process. By labeling a cart or container “biohazard” upon its return to the sterile processing department, the Transportation Identification Label assists in supplying information to the OR/procedure room. Furthermore, it has a checklist for the surgical/procedure room/sterile processing team to ensure adequate delivery of the case cart or container in question.

Source: Healthmark Industries Co., Inc.