Healthpoint Receives Patent Application Notice of Allowance for Trademarked Xenaderm Ointment


FORT WORTH, Texas -- Paul Dorman, CEO and chairman of DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Healthpoint, Ltd., has announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted Healthpoint a notice of allowance on its patent application for the ointment vehicle that is the basis for Healthpoint's Xenaderm, a prescription-only ointment that promotes healing and acts as a protective covering for wounds.

Healthpoint, Ltd., a DFB Pharmaceuticals affiliate and market leader in innovative tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention, applied for the patent when it launched Xenaderm last spring.

Lead inventor was David Jones, a senior scientific advisor in the research and development division of Healthpoint.

"Mr. Jones and his group are to be applauded for continuing to develop a very impressive body of patented technology and related intellectual property for our companies," said Dorman. "The patent application further demonstrates efforts to provide unique, advanced, quality products for tissue management."

The patent application describes the composition and method of manufacture of a pharmaceutically elegant, topical vegetable oil-based ointment containing hydrogenated castor oil and a drug active. According to the company, the ointment can be used with a wide range of drug active ingredients and will serve as a vehicle for other drug actives in the future, replacing the use of petroleum-based ointments.

"Formulated to promote healing and to act as a protective covering, Xenaderm eliminates patients' needs for multiple products," said Scott Goodridge, Healthpoint's marketing manager for Skin Management Products. "Such an elegant product encourages excellent patient compliance among the largest population of wound patients, including those who suffer from pressure ulcers and dehiscent wounds."

Xenaderm physiologically stimulates the capillary bed increasing circulation in the wound site, improves epithelialization by reducing premature epithelial desiccation, and can act as a protective covering for wounds.

Xenaderm is distributed in 60-gram tubes. When applied to a sensitive area, a temporary stinging sensation may be noted.

Healthpoint, Ltd. is a market leader in innovative tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention. Since its inception in 1992, Healthpoint has established a national presence in the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and medical devices for tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention. An aggressive research and development effort has brought Healthpoint's unique technologies to the market, setting the pace for its highly trained national field sales organization of direct sales representatives. Healthpoint, with over 200 employees, is a DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. affiliate company.

Source: PRNewswire

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