Hygiena International Launches New Hospital Evaluation Program for Surface Hygiene Technology


Hygiena International, a global supplier of rapid hygiene testing systems, has recently commenced a new hospital evaluation program in the UK involving the SystemSURE Plus ATP product.

The SystemSURE Plus ATP monitoring system, which is comprised of a handheld luminometer and swabs, works through the collection and quantification of ATP remaining in organic residues still present following conventional cleaning operations. The identification of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as an indicator of surface cleanliness has become an established hygiene technology within the healthcare market. ATP is the energy molecule present in all living cells, and its presence is evidence of organic contamination, which can provide the nutrient base for the growth of harmful bacteria and infectious micro-organisms.

Using bioluminescence technology, the Hygiena SystemSURE Plus ATP monitoring equipment provides rapid indications of ATP levels and the hygienic status of contact surfaces, so that appropriate corrective action can be taken without delay. Hygiena SystemSURE can be used to demonstrate cleaning efficacy and show continuous improvement, while identifying and implementing training requirements and their impact on patient experiences. Some facilities have used the system to provide evidence of value for money from their contracted in services such as cleaning and catering. Care homes and ambulance services are now using the technology to demonstrate adherence to CQC.

The Rapid Review Panel (RRP) is a government-funded initiative set up to evaluate new technologies that can help in the fight against healthcare-acquired infection. Only those products receiving the prestigious level 1 recommendation are able to take part in the acclaimed Showcase Hospitals Evaluation program.

The Hygiena SystemSURE ATP monitoring system joins only nine other products evaluated by the latest Showcase Hospitals Program. Findings are reported back and will be published by the innovations programme so that information is readily available to anyone wishing to investigate the use of the technology in their own healthcare environment. This will provide invaluable knowledge about the practical aspects of using Hygiena SystemSURE Plus in real situations.

This system was recently shortlisted for an award from Building Better Healthcare 2010, as well as gaining the Rapid Review Panel (RRP) Level 1 category in the same year. It also features in the government-funded technology project (Fighting Infection through Detection) to develop new tests for MRSA. In 2009 it was voted Best Infection Control Innovation, as well as being a finalist in the Business Excellence Awards in 2008.

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