ICP Medical LLC Awarded HealthTrust Agreement for Rapid Refresh Privacy Curtains

ICP Medical LLC announces a contract with HealthTrust, an organization specializing in total cost management and purchasing solutions for its 10,600 medical industry members nationwide. The contract provides HealthTrust member facilities access to the Rapid Refresh disposable privacy curtain solution from ICP Medical LLC.

The Rapid Refresh privacy curtain system allows privacy curtains to be removed and replaced in seconds.

To aid in the prevention of costly and deadly infections, the demand for disposable curtain systems continues to grow at hospitals and healthcare facilities around the country, says Brian Sanders, president of ICP Medical LLC. This contract allows HealthTrust members access to the Rapid Refresh privacy curtain to meet their infection prevention needs."

ICP Medical LLCs Rapid Refresh product line is a proprietary brand of infection control and prevention products aimed at reducing the number of healthcare-associated infections through increased compliance. 

Source: ICP Medical LLC