ICP Medical LLC to Supply Rapid Refresh Curtains to Premier Healthcare Alliance Members

August 22, 2013

ICP Medical LLC, a leader in infection control and prevention products for healthcare providers, recently announced an agreement with the Premier Healthcare Alliance. The contract provides thousands of Premier members access to specially negotiated pricing and terms for the Rapid Refresh disposable privacy curtain system. The Rapid Refresh disposable privacy curtain system allows curtains to be removed and replaced in seconds, improving infection prevention and compliance.

Premiers members include more than 2,900 hospitals and 100,000 other healthcare sites throughout the country.

We are extremely pleased to offer the benefits of our quick-change Rapid Refresh disposable privacy curtains to Premiers members, says Brian Sanders, president of ICP Medical LLC. These facilities will have access to a product line that is designed to help lower costs through infection prevention and compliance while increasing patient satisfaction and safety for healthcare workers, he added.

Not only will Premiers members benefit from the ease of changing out the Rapid Refresh disposable privacy curtains but they will be reminded when to change a particular curtain with the benefit of Timestrip® technology. The Rapid Refresh privacy curtain line offers a built-in indicator that turns red after a recommended period of time, visually showing a healthcare worker when its time to change a curtain.

ICP Medical LLCs Rapid Refresh product line is a proprietary brand of infection control and prevention products aimed at reducing the number of hospital-associated infections through increased compliance. 

Source: ICP Medical LLC

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