Improving Quality and Speed in the SPD with Lean Process Improvement

The Association for the Advancement in Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) will offer the webinar, "Improving Quality and Speed in SPD with Lean Process Improvement" on Sept. 15, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. ET. This webinar will provide a foundational understanding of true Lean principles, tools, techniques, and culture of continuous improvement and how these can successfully be applied to a sterile processing department (SPD). This will address some common misconceptions about Lean as well as address problems for how to improve quality and efficiently without increasing the department's budget.

This session will also look at the experiences of some Lean SPD projects which dramatically improved the quality, lead time, employee morale, and costs of those departments and had a direct impact on the goals of the OR and patient outcomes. Webinar materials will include compelling slides of actual SPD improvements, "before" and "after" performance data in the case studies, healthcare employee testimonies, and poll questions.

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.