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A Sneak Peek at AORN Congress Exhibitors

Case Medical

Case Medical® offers innovative products for the worldhealthcare community. The SteriTite® sealed container system and MediTray®products provide an easyto- use and cost-effective system for the organization,protection, sterilization and storage of medical devices. The universal container system can be used in all currentmethods of sterilization including steam, EO, gas plasma, and flash. CaseSolutions® are highly effective multienzymatic cleaners. The companysinnovative technology contributes to standardization and to safer, moreeffective clinical outcomes.

AORN booth 1524
(888) 227-CASE

Advanced Sterilization Products

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a Johnson & Johnsoncompany, is a leading provider of innovative sterilization, disinfection andcleaning technologies. ASP is dedicated to protecting the safety of healthcareworkers, patients and the environment by offering pioneering products, includingthe STERRAD® Sterilization System and the CIDEX® Family of Products.

AORN booth 533


3MAttestRapid Readout Biological Indicator (RRBI) forEthylene Oxide (EO) and the 3M Attest 290G Auto-reader system have beencleared by the FDA for EO monitoring. Available as individual self-containedbiological indicators or in convenient test packs, the Attest RRBI for EO isdesigned to be a reliable and convenient system for validating and monitoring EOsterilization processes.

AORN booth 3133
(800) 228-3957

Censis Technologies

Censis Technologies has developed a unique product calledCensitrac that allows hospitals and surgery centers to track and manage surgicalinstruments at the instrument-detail level. Censitrac provides a fully integrated set of features fortracking all surgical assets. Combined, these features provide significant costsavings, dramatically improved accuracy of instrument management, andoptimization of surgical instrument inventory.

AORN booths 3312 and 3314
(888) 877-3010

Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc.

Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc. is anindependent service organization for the healthcare market. Integrated MedicalSystems provides equipment-renewal services, proactive maintenance, education,and consultation for more than 1,500 different types of equipment andaccessories, including flexible scopes, rigid scopes, power equipment, videocart systems, and surgical equipment.

AORN booth 813
(800) 783-9251 

Mobile Instrument Service & Repair, Inc.

Mobile Instrument Service is a complete source for surgicalequipment and instrument repair and maintenance. As the industrys leader formore than 25 years, Mobile Instrument features 142 fully equipped service labsthat bring on-location repair and sharpening to facilities nationwide. Mobiles50,000-square-foot National Repair Center provides the most extensive repaircapabilities in the industry for flexible and rigid scopes, video equipment,power and pneumatic equipment, phaco hand pieces, endo/lap instruments, andmore.

Mobile also features InsulScan Insulation Testing System.This patented technology detects microscopic pinholes in the insulation ofelectrosurgical instruments; preventing serious patient burns caused byinsulation failure.

AORN Booth 2525
(800) 722-3675

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp.

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. takes great pride inoffering a full line of endoscopic equipment. With nearly 100 years experiencein manufacturing and repairs, Richard Wolf Medical Instruments offers thehighest quality optics, instrumentation, and accessories for all specialtiesincluding laparoscopy, ENT, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, spine, and videoendoscopy. Richard Wolf continues to expand its Guardian Repair Program and itsnewest program, called TurnKey, allowing customers one source for all rigidendoscope repairs.

AORN booth 3409
(800) 323-9653

Performance Textiles

Performance Textiles is proud to introduce a woven fabriccalled BodyGardz. This ground-breaking, cutting- edge material, used in themanufacture of medical garments, is finished with physical and chemicaltreatments to maximize the balance between comfort and performance. BodyGardz isfluid-repellent, anti-microbial, stain-resistant, chemical-resistant,breathable, lightweight, affordable, and durable.

AORN booth 405
(888) 692-4182


Sani-Dex® ALC is PDIs latest contribution to theadvancement in hand hygiene. Sani-Dex ALC is an antiseptic handwash effectiveagainst gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi and yeast. The gelbasedformula contains 65.9 percent ethyl alcohol by volume and moisturizer thatleaves no gummy residue or build-up on hands, and is fragrance-free and dyefree. Convenient quick-pull canisters (with optional wall bracket)or individual pocket packets allow hand cleaning and decontamination any time,anywhere, in any situation.

AORN booth 1009
(800) 999-6423

Ruhof Corp.

Endozime® AW Triple Plus is a unique formulation ofprotease, amylase, lipase, carbohydrase and proprietary enzymes with A.P.A. (Advanced Proteolitic Action) and rust inhibitors. A.P.A. isthe latest enzymatic breakthrough developed by Ruhof Healthcare that greatlyincreases protein enzyme activity to provide a faster, more throroughpenetration into hard-toreach places on surgical instruments and scopes.Endozime AW Triple Plus now has biological additives that speed theprocess of liquification and solubilization, facilitating enzymatic action andcontributing to the productís superior effectiveness.

AORN booth 1225
(800) 537-8463

SPSmedical Supply Corp.

SPSmedicals new SporView PA Culture Set for biologicallytesting the STERIS System 1 sterilizer features improved attributes such asreduced incubation time (three days compared to the standard seven days),storage in cool dry place, and is available direct or from your prime vendor. Afree sample kit is available from SPSmedical.

AORN Booth 1036
(800) 722-1529

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