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From the Show Floor
A Sneak Peek at AORN Congress Exhibitors

By Tina Brooks

Visit 3M Sterilizations booth to discover the fastest biological indicator for Ethylene Oxide monitoring available, providing results in only four hours. 3M Attest Rapid Readout Biological Indicator (RRBI) for Ethylene Oxide (EO) and the 3M Attest 290G Auto-reader system have been cleared by the FDA for EO monitoring. Available as individual self-contained biological indicators or in convenient test packs, the Attest RRBI for EO is designed to be a reliable and convenient system for validating and monitoring EO sterilization processes.

AORN booth 3133

Advanced Sterilization Products (ASP), a Johnson & Johnson company, will showcase the latest advancements in instrument processing technologies. This year, ASP will celebrate Decades of Excellence a long and continuous tradition of infection control innovation that dates back to the 19th century. In 1890, Johnson & Johnson helped pioneer dry-heat and steam-pressure sterilization. Such innovations in infection control by the company have advanced through the decades, with the latest contributions being hydrogen peroxide gas plasma sterilization technology STERRAD® Systems as well as CIDEX® OPA Solution, a non-glutaraldehyde high-level disinfectant.

AORN booth 533,

Case Medical will be participating at the Congress again this year, exhibiting the SteriTite container, MediTray products and Case Solutions for instrument processing. Featured this year is the SteriTite sealed container with FlashTite, a major innovation for the OR. Now, staff can safely and effectively flash whole instrument sets in a sealed container that is virtually dry and in a flash autoclave that is designed specifically for OR needs. The FlashTite valve easily attaches to the existing SteriTite container system. Demonstration at the booth will include how to customize by using the companys modular sterilization system and demonstrated effectiveness of its Case Solutions multienzymatic cleaners and removers, including BioGone to eliminate strong organic odors and spills.

AORN booth 1524

Mobile Instrument Service & Repair, Inc. will be demonstrating the InsulScan Insulation Testing System. This patented technology detects microscopic pinholes in the insulation of electrosurgical instruments; preventing serious patient burns caused by insulation failure.

AORN booth 2525

Censis Technologies has developed a unique product called Censitrac, which enables hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to track and manage surgical instruments at the instrument detail level. Censitrac provides a fully integrated set of features for tracking all surgical assets. Combined, these features are designed to provide significant cost savings, dramatically improved accuracy of instrument management, and optimization of surgical instrument inventory.

AORN booths 3312 and 3314

During show hours, Integrated Medical Systems International, Inc. (IMS) will provide self-study for attendees regarding the care and handling of rigid endoscopes. IMS invites attendees to stop by its booth to enjoy a delicious cup of cappuccino served by its sales staff. IMS will also be hosting a party at 9 pm on Sunday, March 21, 2004 in the Marriott Hall. Dont miss a chance to dance and sing along with The Real Deal & Elvis. It is IMS way to say thank you to its many customers and supporters.

AORN booth 813

PDI offers a comprehensive infection prevention and control program, including Sani- Cloth® Brand Germicidal Disposable Wipes for hard surface disinfection; Sani-Dex® Antimicrobial Hand Wipes; installation products; and educational and support materials, and services. While at the booth, learn proper handwashing technique with the Brevis Glitterbug Handwash Show and Sani- Dex® ALC Antimicrobial Alcohol Gel Hand Wipes. Enter to win a free Glitterbug Handwash Show for your institution.

AORN booth 1009

Stop by the BodyGardz booth for a first hand look at its unique line of scrubs, lab coats, coveralls, and warm-up jackets. BodyGardz will be demonstrating the effectiveness of the fabrics characteristics including its fluid and stain resistance, as well as others. If AORN members present the pre-show postcard sent to them by BodyGardz, they can save 25 percent on of all items purchased at the show as well as an opportunity to win an Epson C64 inkjet printer and a Digitrex 3.2 megapixel digital camera.

AORN booth 405

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corp. will be offering CEUsfor Care and Handling of Endoscopic Instruments, Service andMaintenance of Endoscopic Equipment, and Fluid Management, as well asgiving away plush wolves to its valued customers. Richard Wolf takes great pridein offering a full line of endoscopic equipment. With nearly 100 yearsexperience in manufacturing and repairs, Richard Wolf offers the highest qualityoptics, instrumentation, and accessories for all specialties includinglaparoscopy, ENT, arthroscopy, gynecology, urology, spine, and video endoscopy.Richard Wolfs booth will have sample product offerings in each specialty, aswell as the OR of the future.

AORN booth 3409

Ruhof will be giving away free samples of it new revolutionary productsEndozime®AW Triple Plus with A.P.A. (Advanced Proteolitic Action)and rust inhibitors. A.P.A. is the latest enzymatic breakthroughdeveloped by Ruhof Healthcare that greatly increases protein enzyme activity toprovide a faster more thorough penetration into hard-to-reach places on surgicalinstruments and scopes. Prepzyme®X.F., a thick, long-lasting enzymatic foamspray, keeps soiled instruments moist and begins breaking down all bioburdenprior to decontamination. It is perfect for use in departments where instrumentand scope cleaning is not immediately available. No more splashing or messyspills during transportation.

AORN booth 1225

SPSmedical will be giving away a $1 million gold-plated proof (.999 pure silverbullion layered in 24K gold) each day to promote the introduction of its fasterBI system for monitoring the STERIS System 1 sterilization process. Comeregister for the daily drawing and find out more about the SporView PAbiological indicator for improved quality assurance.

AORN booth 1036

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