Infection Control Today - 10/2002: TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY


Hardy Diagnostics

Hardy Diagnostics offers handcare products for laboratory professionals. AloeGuard antimicrobial soap isformulated to be effective against a variety of microorganisms while remaininggentle to skin. AloeSoothe moisturizing lotion is created to seal out harshirritants, rehydrate and promote healing of damaged skin. It is latex friendly.AloeGuard No-Rinse brings together the benefits of the antimicrobial soap andmoisturizing lotion into a single waterless formula, killing microorganisms andnot drying to the skin like alcohol gels. (800) 266-2222 ;or 

Healthmark Industries Co.

Healthmark introduces threeproducts for storage and cleaning of instrument cleaning brushes. The brushstorage rack is made of clear Plexiglas, stores several brushes and mounts toany wall surface. The brush soak tray, designed to be mounted below the storagerack, allows shorter and longer brushes to be submerged in cleaning solution.The wash basket for instrument cleaning accommodates various lengths of brushesand prevents them from falling out, while still allowing proper washing ofcontents. Its stainless steel tube measures 26 inches long by 3 inches wide,with one-sixteenth-inch diameter perforations. (800) 521-6224 or


Sempermed offers its newPolymed exam glove. Polymed differs from other copolymer exam gloves due to ofits "fusion" bonding of latex and synthetic polymers. This creates amulti-layer glove that combines the elasticity of latex and the strength ofcopolymers, which protects against cracking and/or peeling in normal usage.Polymed contains 50 micrograms or less of total water extractable proteins pergram, which significantly reduces the potential for allergic reactions. (800)366-9545 or

Precision Dynamics Corp. (PDC)

PDC introduces its SecurlineRedi+Wash Thermal Warming Pouch for use with the Redi+Wash total body cleansingsystem. Designed to maintain the warmth pre-heated Redi+Wash packs forapproximately one hour or at room temperature for several hours afterward, thepouch is constructed of a vinyl outer layer with foam insulation. Each pouch canhold up to four, pre-heated eight-cloth packs at a time. (800) 772-1122 or


The Patient Record Card bySPSmedical is utilized for tracking sterilized products directly to the patienton which they were used. The cards are taped to the outside of every package anda lot control sticker is attached to the card. The OR then separates it at theperforation and places it on the patient's chart. The Patient Record Card(PRC-250) can be ordered through SPSmedical's authorized distributorsnationwide. For the SPSmedical distributor in your area, call (800) 722-1529.

Ansell Healthcare

Ansell's second-generationneoprene surgical gloves, Derma Prene Ultra, provide superior fit and feelcompared to some other traditional synthetic gloves.

Ansell Healthcare, a world leader in medical glove innovation, announces theaddition of Derma Prene Ultra Synthetic Powder-Free Surgical Gloves to theircomprehensive line of hand barrier protection. Derma Prene Ultra is speciallyformulated with a blend of second-generation neoprenes, which create amolecularly cross-linked synthetic film that provides all the features of latexwhile helping eliminate exposure to glove-related latex protein. (800) 321-9752or

Bemis Manufacturing Company

Bemis Health Care ProductsGroup introduces Vac-U-Station, a safe and economical means to dispose ofsuction canister contents. Used in conjunction with Bemis Vac-U-Port, Vac-U-Stationreduces the risk to healthcare professionals from splattering, spilling andaerosolization of infectious waste fluids. Vac-U-Port canisters are designed tosit securely on Vac-U-Station's patented drainage port, and a window allows theoperator to make certain the contents are completely drained. Canisters areavailable in three sizes: 1200 cc, 2000 cc and 3000 cc. (800) 558-7651 or

AirClean Systems

Glutra-Mats from AirCleanSystems are designed for spill and vapor control, wherever glutaraldehyde-baseddisinfectants are opened, used or poured. The mats are glutaraldehyde-specificand dry, so they can pull vapors from the air and neutralize them. (800)849-0472 or

Cell Robotics, Inc.

The Clinical Lasette Plus is a needle-free laser fingerstick device designedto be a compact, lightweight, portable crystal laser device that weighs lessthan 9 ounces. The FDA-approved Lasette provides a safer device to evaluate forcompliance with the requirements of the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Actwhen performing fingersticks.

A single pulse of laser light is used to perforate the finger in obtaining acapillary blood sample. To prevent cross-contamination, the Lasette is asingle-use disposable. The Lasette's FDA clearance allows for drawing capillaryblood samples used in chemistry screens such as glucose, cholesterol,electrolytes, lipids, CBC and prothrombin.

The Lasette is the only "Primary Prevention Device" listed byNational Alliance of Primary Prevention of Sharp Injuries ( in thelancet category (devices that do not use "sharps"). Other advantagesinclude reduced risk management concerns and increased patient comfort. www.cellrobotics.comor e-mail

Healthmark Industries Co.

Absorbent tray liners fromHealthmark are designed to be used next to delicate instruments duringsterilization, absorbing and dispersing condensate for evaporation. The linersare produced from pure cellulose wood pulp, manufactured with low chloride andsuphate content and free from optical dyes. (800) 521-6224 or

Healthmark Industries Co.

The ProFormance automatedinstrument washer test provides sterile processing professionals with aconsistent, repeatable and reliable method for evaluating the cleaningeffectiveness of their automated instrument washer. The test soil ismanufactured to exacting specifications, and when coated on the stainless steelplate, the ProFormance mimics the dried blood residue found on dirtyinstruments. (800) 521-6224 or visit

Becton Dickinson

BD introduces its new BDVacutainer Plus Plastic Citrate Tube, a clinically proven solution for allroutine coagulation testing, providing both patient and healthcare workersafety. As the inventor of evacuated blood collection tubes with decades ofmedical device manufacturing and clinical expertise, BD fully understands thecriticality of coagulation testing. Extensive clinical studies were performedwith both normal and abnormal patients on numerous coagulation analyzers toensure that the new plastic citrate tube demonstrates clinical equivalence tothe 4.5mL BD Vacutainer glass citrate tube. The outer portion of the tube ismade of shatter-resistant PET material. The inner surface of the tube ispolypropylene, a non-activating surface that has been clinically proven toprovide accurate and precise results to ensure patient safety. The design allowsfor a 2.7mL and a 1.8mL draw volume to be incorporated into a full draw 13x75mm,automation friendly tube size.

Trademark Medical

Trademark Medical provides anew dispenser box for its Redi-Temp Liquid Crystal Thermometer. The dispenserbox attaches to anesthesia machines or hospital beds, dispensing one thermometerat a time. (800) 325-9044 or


Lacrosse Antiseptic Alcohol Gel from Aplicare is designed to be used betweenhand washings, killing pathogenic microorganisms without the need for water. Thegel contains conditioners and emollients to minimize skin irritation and offsetthe drying effects of alcohol. The Lacrosse Antiseptic Alcohol Gel comes in amild herbal fragrance and various sizes, including a 4-ounce bottle that fits inuniform pockets or lab coats. (800) 760-3236

Consolidated Stills and Sterilizers

The patented Consolidated Bug Buster uses a high-efficiency filter to removebacteria from the purged air of steam sterilizers. It can be factory installedon new Consolidated sterilizers or retrofitted to many existing units regardlessof the manufacturer. (617) 782-6072 or visit

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