INPRO Offers Edge Protectant Technology for Wall Panels in High-Traffic Areas

InPro Corporation has helped to create balance between designers who want elegant-looking walls and the facility crews who must maintain them. The companys new Palladium Wall Panel System combines Edge Protectant Technology, or fully wrapped and bonded edges, with a balanced construction and Class-A Fire Rating to offer high-class looks without the high maintenance.

We work with both designers and facility managers, so we know firsthand how their priorities can seemingly be at odds, says Thomas Larwa, senior product manager of InPros IPC division, which specializes in door and wall protection. But really everybody wants the same thing: walls that look great and dont require constant maintenance, even if theyre in high-traffic areas like hallways and lobbies. Thats precisely what our Palladium Wall Panel system offers.

Most wall panels are constructed with surface material that is not bonded to the edges of their particleboard substrate. During installation, these edges are easily damaged when the surface material gets snagged or when the panels get dropped, and entire panels must be replaced. These non-bonded edges also expose the underlying particleboard to moisture damage from mold, mildew and bacteria growth.

InPros Palladium Wall Panels are specially manufactured with Edge Protectant Technology; their edges are fully wrapped and bonded for superior durability. Palladium Wall Panels also offer a unique balanced construction because the surface material is applied to the back of the particleboard as well. A balanced construction has proven to reduce warping and increase durability.

Were never ones to settle for anecdotal evidence, so we subjected our panels to a series of high-impact testsboth at a 45 degree angle to simulate dropping during maintenance, and head-on to simulate abuse once theyre installed, adds Larwa. Where other panels cracked and deformed, ours withstood the abuse with minimal visible damage.

Palladium Wall Panels have also achieved a Class A fire rating, making them eligible for use in all areas of the building, including egress areas such as stairwells and elevator lobbies.

Too often, when it comes to creating inviting interiors and preventing constant and costly maintenance, we have to choose between one or the other, says Larwa. We developed Palladium Wall Panels to bring balance to this lopsided world. Now designers and building managers can both get what they want.

IPC, a division of InPro Corporation, manufactures door and wall protection products that defend against never-ending maintenance and costly renovationswithout comprising choice in materials.