Ivera Medical Introduces Curos Strips for Effective and Convenient IV Port Protection

Ivera Medical Corporation, the manufacturer of Curos Port Protectors, a simple, disposable infection prevention product that guards against central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), has introduced a new means of bringing Curos protection to the point of care, making needleless connector disinfection compliance and cost containment easier than ever.

The new Curos Strip provides caregivers with a perfectly accessible dispenser for Curos port protectors anywhere the disinfection caps are needed. The 10-cap, foil-backed dispenser can be hung on an IV pole or other convenient bedside location so that nurses have easy access to consistent and reliable passive disinfection during every IV access. The availability of in-room Curos Port Protectors is especially important for safe needleless connector disinfection in isolation rooms and other areas where cross-contamination is a concern.

"Nurses walk roughly 3 miles in a 10-hour shift gathering supplies, medications and other tools they need to care for patients," says Ivera CEO Bob Rogers. "Time previously spent running around can be dedicated to patient-care activities. With Curos Strips we have an additional way to help nurses cut down steps while reducing hospital acquired bloodstream infections."

With two dispenser optionsthe Curos Strip or individual Curosnurses can conveniently comply with valve disinfection protocols and reduce hospital acquired infections by simply peeling the foil seal off the distinctive green cap and twisting Curos over the top of any luer-activated needleless valve or IV access port. Inside Curos a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol saturated sponge-like foam automatically provides effective, consistent and reliable passive disinfection of the valve.

A recent study conducted by a 376-bed academic medical center found Curos more effective than a typical alcohol swab procedure in reducing CLABSI and contaminated blood cultures drawn via central venous catheters, in part, because disinfection compliance with Curos can be easily monitored and therefore is high (greater than 85 percent on average). Researchers saw an 86.2 percent reduction in CLABSI and a 92 percent fall in contaminated blood cultures equating to an estimated annualized cost avoidance of $500,000.

For more information, visit  http://www.iveramed.com/curos-port-protector/curos-strip, contact Ivera Medical at info@iveralmedical.com or call (888) 861-8228.