Joe Fly Company and E-Mist Innovations Improve Public Health Through Advanced Technologies

Joe Fly Company, a leading indoor-air-quality specialists company providing air filtration products and services in Texas, and E-Mist Innovations, Inc., a leader in sanitizing and disinfection surface application and management technologies, have come together to integrate advanced air and surface treatment technologies for professionals responsible for the health and safety of the spaces that they manage.
According to Joe Fly Company CEO Joe W. Fly, Jr., "With the addition of the E-Mist Surface Management System (SMS), our customers can more comprehensively address the full mobility cycle of pathogens. These unabated germs and viruses are proving to challenge already tight operational budgets, while increasing the risks associated with public health and safety responsibility."
The E-Mist SMS is a patented and award winning system built around advanced electrostatic technologies that provide organizations the flexibility to treat surfaces with any water soluble agent, while achieving daily performance results for sanitizing, deodorizing, and disinfecting surface touch points proving to outperform spray-and-wipe, and other mobility-challenged atomizing technologies.
George R. Robertson, E-Mist president and CEO, notes, "Our Surface Management System is well known in Texas and now around the world for our contribution to the remediation of Ebola in Dallas. However, the real value of this technology is getting ahead of every touch transferrable pathogen. Aligning with the air filtration technologies and expertise that the Joe Fly team brings to the table offers the first truly integrated approach to pathogen related public health strategy in Texas."
Source: E-Mist Innovations, Inc.