Judge Agrees in Healthpoint's Favor

SAN ANTONIO, Texas - A federal judge has issued an order in favor of Healthpoint, Ltd., in a civil suit involving the infection prevention company and Ethex Corporation.

The marketing of Ethex products was the cause of litigation.

Reportedly, judge said "Ethex made a deliberate choice to make representations about its products that were false, knowing that such representations would cause substantial injury to Healthpoint."

Healthpoint officials initially alleged Ethex officials of marketing their product Ethexyme as a generic and alternative option in lieu of Healthpoint's prescription ointment Accuzyme. They also alleged Ethex officials marketed the two products had the same ingredients, when in fact they did not.

On this matter, the judge said, "Ethex's statement that Ethexyme had the `same ingredients in the same quantities' as Accuzyme was literally false."

H. Paul Dorman, chairman and CEO of Healthpoint, says such terms are devious.

"Such false statements led hospitals, pharmacies and other institutions to substitute Ethexyme for Accuzyme," he says. "The jury and judge have reinforced emphatically that patients should not be subjected to the inherent dangers associated with improper substitution."

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