KCI Introduces New Round and Thin Dressings for its Vacuum-Assisted Closure Products

SAN ANTONIO -- Kinetic Concepts, Inc. (KCI), a global corporation that develops and markets a broad range of innovative healthcare products, today announced the rollout of two new wound dressings for its successful Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy -- The VAC System. The new VAC Round Foam and VAC Thin Foam perforated dressings are being showcased at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons 70th annual meeting in New Orleans, February 5-9.

"The new VAC Round Foam and VAC Thin Foam dressings make it even easier for medical professionals to size dressings for the specific width and depth of their patients' wounds," said Lynne Sly, vice president of marketing for KCI USA. "Through our close contact with healthcare practitioners, KCI continues to develop relevant advances for our VAC Therapy System, providing patients with the highest level of wound care technology."

For use with either the VAC ATS or the VAC Freedom Systems, both of the new VAC dressings have reticulated cells to help stimulate granulation tissue and a hydrophobic, open-pore structure to facilitate exudate removal. The new dressings are also perforated for easy customization of dressing width and depth.

The circular shape of the VAC Round Foam dressings can accommodate many pressure ulcer sizes. These dressings have ten pre-cut sizes with an overall dressing size of 5 inches wide by 1.25 inches deep. Circular perforations at one-inch intervals facilitate width sizing, while a thickness perforation at 5/8 inch allows users to easily modify the depth of the dressing by half. The preformed sizing configurations provide a quicker, easier fit with little or no need to trim the dressing.

Developed for shallow wounds, the flexibility of the VAC Thin Foam dressings allows them to conform more easily to difficult wound contours. The new 1.6-centimeter oval shaped dressings are half the thickness of traditional VAC dressings. The new 26 x 15-centimeter dressings contain five preformed size options designed to minimize or eliminate the need for cutting the dressings to fit smaller wounds. In addition to its full size, four perforations allow the dressing to be sized as follows: 20.6 x 12 centimeters, 15.6 x 9 centimeters, 10.6 x 6 centimeters and 5.6 x 3 centimeters.

Vacuum Assisted Closure Therapy, launched by KCI in the United States in 1995, is a clinical and cost-effective use of negative pressure wound therapy to treat chronic and traumatic wounds in hospitals, extended care facilities and in the home. Clinical studies have shown that VAC Therapy encourages high quality, efficient patient care by helping to promote wound healing and helping to diminish the threat of increased morbidity associated with unhealed wounds.

For qualifying home patients, VAC Therapy is covered by Medicare B and many managed care organizations for helping promote wound healing in wounds such as acute/traumatic wounds, dehisced wounds, flaps and grafts, pressure ulcers, chronic wounds, diabetic ulcers and partial thickness burns.

Source: Kinetic Concepts, Inc.