Kimberly-Clark Professional Introduces Automatic Door Handle Disinfector

Good hand hygiene habits are one of the most important ways to prevent illness. But even if you wash up after using the restroom you could be exposed to germs left behind by those who dont simply by touching the door handle.

A new Kimberly-Clark Professional product takes aim at those left-behind germs by automatically disinfecting restroom door handles offering consistent protection for people at a critical point of cross-contamination. The Kimberly-Clark Professional Automatic Door Handle Disinfector is the latest addition to The Healthy Workplace Project, a Kimberly-Clark Professional initiative designed to stop the spread of germs through an innovative approach to hand and surface hygiene. This new offering supports The Healthy Workplace Project wash, wipe and sanitize protocol by helping to maintain hand cleanliness after people wash their hands and leave the restroom.

The number of people who dont wash their hands when leaving the restroom is staggering, says John Adams, Kimberly-Clark Professional global platform leader for The Healthy Workplace Project.  This product helps deliver on our platforms promise of improving overall workplace health by disinfecting frequently contaminated and highly touched restroom door handles.

The Kimberly-Clark Professional Automatic Door Handle Disinfector safely and effectively kills 99.9 percent of germs and viruses on the entire door handle, including the underside. It does so by using a quick-drying EPA-registered, hospital-grade alcohol-based disinfectant mist. The product was created by HYSO, a privately held company that develops solutions to address public health and hygiene issues. It is being distributed globally under an exclusive agreement with Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Programs like The Healthy Workplace Project provide the perfect platform to launch our unique system, says Simon Sassoon, managing member of HYSO, LLC. This product solves the very real problem of poor door handle hygiene and its associated risks. Our exclusive partnership with Kimberly-Clark Professional will allow us to tackle this challenge head-on on a global scale.     
In addition to its ability to kill germs and viruses on contact, the Kimberly-Clark Professional Automatic Door Handle Disinfector is also:

 Compatible with existing door hardware It can be used on virtually any door.

 Easy to install and maintain It mounts in minutes with no special tools. Refill canisters can be replaced in seconds and are fully recyclable.

 Programmable It can be adjusted to meet the traffic needs or hours of any facility.

 Cost-effective Refill canisters last up to 100 days and ambient light sensors help extend battery and canister life.

Other features include:

 Sensors to prevent the device from accidentally spraying someones hands

 Precision-engineered technology to ensure a precise dose with every spray

 An LCD display that makes it easy to see when batteries need replacing  

Available in white, black and finished chrome, the Kimberly-Clark Professional Automatic Door Handle Disinfector will fit the look of any restroom. It also coordinates with the sleek aesthetics of the new Kimberly-Clark Professional MOD Dispensing System. This product will be available to U.S. customers in September.