Laundry Tour Planner: Checklist and Guide for Inspecting Control Points

This checklist and guide plot a sequence for a laundry tour highlighting control points in workflow important to ensuring cleanliness of healthcare textiles (HCTs).

Your visit to a healthcare linen and uniform service laundry can be as extensive as you wish. While you may be especially interested in the science behind a laundry operator’s choice of a management practice, you need to hit all the key control points in workflow that ensure cleanliness of laundered items. This Laundry Tour Planner for Healthcare Professionals covers the entire workflow so you recognize these control points and identify the matters most pertinent to you before you visit, making the most of your time when you walk through.

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Hygienically Clean certifies laundries by verifying their best management practices (BMPs) and quantifying their textile products’ cleanliness. Inspection of BMPs reveals their extensive support for medical facilities’ infection prevention initiatives, proving certified laundries give priority to bio-burden concerns in all processes. Microbiological testing of laundered products determines their infection control value. Hygienically Clean distinguishes laundries that can achieve the certification’s rigorous combination of quality assurance, continuous improvement and process and outcome measurement requirements.